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About Us

Kokanbag Agro Tourism Farmers Producer Company Ltd.

The farm is founded by Mr. Mahesh Laxman Palsuledesai which is located in village Ratnagiri district Kokan. Mr. Mahesh is the chairperson of Kokanbag Agro Tourism Farmers Producer Company Ltd. which is the NGO and they are very closely related to various services. But while working in the field of agriculture and animal husbandry, many people in the community found that they wanted various services on a commercial basis. Mr. Mahesh along with his family, took up the unemployed and talented young men of his locality and started doing agriculture and various other activities of animal husbandry on a commercial basis. In this work he associated many with us. Mr. Mahesh laid the foundation of this business by building a chain of crop experts, soil testing laboratory, various contractors.

His own strength is Kokum (Ratamba) with cash crops like Mango and Cashew Nuts. Mr. Mahesh main task is to make farming as per his mind by creating various productive crops, including Pineapple, Papaya, Spices, etc. with Coconut, Chiku crops.

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